“I had the pleasure to meet Vicki as a guest of ours during a retreat, and a few months later welcomed her into our team as a trainee. Vicki is a lovely person and puts all this love into everything she does. When joining her classes, you can expect a very well prepared session given with loving kindness, and a background of many years of movement experience.”


“My husband and I met Vicki last year at a yoga retreat in Fuerteventura, where we stayed for one week. She was one of the teachers there. Already after the first yoga class with her, we realised that she is THE yoga teacher. Although her style is rather dynamic and sporty, she is also very spiritual in her teaching. The classes were between 4 and 9 people, and it was amazing to watch how she managed to oversee everyone and to correct each one of us in her gentle, understanding way. Vicki is passionate in her teaching, has a unique style and a big understanding of mind/body/soul interaction. After I took her classes I have become highly motivated to do yoga on daily basis…..and I still do it every morning!!! I even get up earlier for yoga, which is very unusual for me since I am a late person! Vicki gave us passion for yoga on our ways. Such a great experience in Vicki’s yoga class! Thank you, girl, for that!”


“Very good, alternative thoughts from the professional art performer, highly appreciated and the “healing dance” was just the cream on top of it!”


“perfect combination of classic elements and modern elements, very inspiring, good choice of music, very supportive/good teacher; nothing to change - it was just perfect!”


“relaxing, challenging in a nice way, lovely atmosphere, fun!”


“Vicki was a great yoga teacher. I am a beginner and she was always very patient, helpful and considerate. That helped me a lot! In addition to known yoga elements she also built new inspirational exercises. For me it was a great yoga experience and I highly recommend Vicki!”