“why do both? Yoga and Pilates?”

Yoga means “union”. For me it was the union between body and mind - this beautiful connection that is so easily overlooked.  Alongside its obvious physical benefits (strength, mobility, balance, flexibility…) practising yoga can make us more aware, conscious, and accepting of “the moment”.  We can apply this not just to our physical bodies and how we move them, but to ourselves; our actions, our thoughts, our words.  Yoga and meditation can help to bring some much needed quiet into our sometimes chaotic modern day lives.

Pilates focuses on the spine and “core”. “A healthy spine = a healthy life!”  We’ve all heard it, but have we really considered it??  The spine literally holds our skeleton upright, and all other body extremities come from it.  It encases our spinal chord - the vital channel for our nerves.  By keeping the spine flexible and strong, circulation is increased and the nerves get the support they need to properly function.  The “core” or “power house” - where we move from - is strengthened in Pilates, allowing us to function more efficiently and safely in every day life. The spine is carried by the pelvis. No proper action is possible without good control of the pelvic joints. No correct posture is possible without the pelvis being able to move freely in the hip joints and small of the back.  A strong and agile pelvic floor supports our internal organs, allowing them too to function as they should.

With these 2 disciplines, Pilates and Yoga, we can work harmoniously with our breath - our vital energy source - to help us to be strong yet flexible, balanced yet agile, mobile yet stable….both in body and mind.

Be versatile with your practises. Stay open to explore your body and different methods of safe, effective movement. You will be surprised what you can achieve.